TechieMe New Android App

Hello there! I have recreated a completely new and better android app for this blog. Have a glimpse of the new UI and features below

TechieMe New Android App TechieMe New Android App TechieMe New Android AppTechieMe New Android App

This app is a companion to the this programming blog  and a possible improved replacement to the older version 

This is an ever increasing knowledge repository, with classic and configurable user interface and awesome user experience. The content is cleanly segregated and presented.

The app contains posts on topics like:
1) Java/J2EE
2) Algorithms
3) Datastructures

The Send a Suggestion feature allows you to request for posts which you find difficult to understand.
The app is updated almost on a weekly basis and consumes very little space and run time memory.

One nice feature of the app is user configurable theme. You have a choice of six colors (Blue, Scarlet, Olive, Magenta, Black and Pink) to reconfigure the theme into.

Another wonderful feature about the app is the Favorites menu. While reading a post, you can mark it as your favorite and you can access it from the Favorites tab every time until you remove it from there.

I would request you to please rate and review the app so that I can reach to many more audience.