Handling two ComboBoxes in Vaadin

This post is a solution to a problem I faced developing an application in Vaadin. It is related to handling two ComboBoxes in Vaadin, where the values in the second ComboBox depend on the selection of the first ComboBox Handling two ComboBoxes in Vaadin The Vaadin form component is easily handled and rendered with a FormFieldFactory. So I have a Form called MusicForm [crayon-5b525d2703e1f689656301/] Here is the FormFieldFactory code: [crayon-5b525d2703e2e956365086/] The key here is to add the comboBox as a field in the uiContext which eventually is of type MusicForm. When the user sel...
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Forcing Vaadin Component to occupy it’s space in invisible state

The article "Forcing Vaadin Component to occupy it's space in invisible state" is in regard of a programming problem which I faced while writing a Vaadin application. Below is the problem description: I have a ProgressIndicator, a Label and a Tree added to a CSSLayout. Initially the ProgressIndicator and the message Label visibility is set to false. If a component in the tree is clicked the action listener changes the ProgressIndicator and the Label visibility to true. Consequently the whole tree shifted down by the height of the components whose property got changed to visible. I wan...
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