recursive tree traversal

Level Order Tree Traversal

Introduction This is the third article in the Tree Traversals - Online Classes. I have written many articles about non-linear data structures and their traversals. But the more you dive in you can find many more ways to traverse a tree. Here we try to solve the level order tree traversal for a binary tree and we will also try to figure out other variations of this traversal. This can we precisely extended for a n-ary tree as well. Defining the problem Let us consider the above tree, if we follow the blue line from root till end and print all the nodes, we will end up printing the lev...
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Hierarchical Datastructure – Tree Traversals

Introduction This is the first article in the Tree Traversals - Online Classes. To read more about the previous article, please check the topic Hierarchical Datastructure – Binary Tree Implementation. To get updates on the other articles in the series, please use the Subscribe feature on the right panel. Purpose of article This article will take over from where we wrapped up in the last article, It will define the remaining two methods elements() and positions() of the Tree ADT for LinkedBinaryTree. And we will also discuss the Tree traversals and code for the Binary Tree. We will finish...
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