Merge Sort

Introduction Can sorting be made faster? We have seen sorting techniques like (Insertion Sort, Selection Sort and Shell Sort) which have a quadratic running time. With growing size of the inputs, it becomes tough to use these algorithms. Is there any faster alternative? We would like to find answers to these questions in the Merge Sort article. On the other hand if you are interested in watching a video for this article, you can subscribe our Youtube Channel. Purpose of the Article In this article we try to answer the questions mentioned above. Yes there are many faster alternatives....
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How selection sort works – A detailed explanation

Introduction Probably the most crude sorting technique, and also the most in-efficient one. But it's important, because until we know the worst we can't understand the importance of the good and the better. So let us try to find out, how selection sort works. Purpose of the article We will try to understand here, how selection sort works and how is the nature of input affecting the running time of this algorithm. Why this is a crude way of sorting and its advantages and dis-advantages. Idea behind Selection Sort As the name suggests, there is definitely something to select. Lets assume we...
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