merge sort

Solving Recurrences – Master Method

Introduction This post is to be read in continuation to the Divide and Conquer methodology for e.g. the Merge Sort problem. This post is an extension over the problem of solving recurrences or recurrence equations. There are several ways of solving recurrences namely Substitution Method, Master Method and Recurrence Tree method. The most confusing one or may I say relatively complex one is the Master Theorem. Here we will discuss the same. Master Theorem What does it solve? Not all the recurrences can be solved using the Master Theorem, but it still solves a large family of recurrences....
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Merge Sort

Introduction Can sorting be made faster? We have seen sorting techniques like (Insertion Sort, Selection Sort and Shell Sort) which have a quadratic running time. With growing size of the inputs, it becomes tough to use these algorithms. Is there any faster alternative? We would like to find answers to these questions in the Merge Sort article. On the other hand if you are interested in watching a video for this article, you can subscribe our Youtube Channel. Purpose of the Article In this article we try to answer the questions mentioned above. Yes there are many faster alternatives....
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