Java-Spring Web Application – Maven

Here we learn to create a simple web application in Java and Spring using Maven build and dependency management tool. There are several articles written with various alternatives. Java-Spring Web Application - Maven, is the simplest article and it helps in creating the simplest web application. It just demonstrates integrating Spring MVC using maven. It also demonstrates the capabilities of maven, how we can get rid of the traditional approach of including each jar in the class path by manually searching and downloading it. First for the impatient programmers: Complete the following prere...
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Setting Up Maven on Windows System

Here we learn Setting Up Maven on Windows System. Maven is a build life cycle management tool. The real power of maven is in its plugin architecture. Plugins are available in maven for almost everything you want to do. This tutorial is just to setup Maven on windows system. Prerequisite : java must be installed on the system and JAVA_HOME environment variable and system class path must be set for java. Read more about how to setup Java. Step1: Download the latest version of maven from here. At the time of writing this tutorial the version available was 3.0.5. Step2: You can downloa...
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