Details of Class Loading in JVM

Have you ever seen a ClassNotFoundException or a NoClassDefFoundError? Did you ever face a situation where you are trying to cast and assign it to a compatible reference but it throws a ClassCastException ? Or did you face issues where you never understood where to put the jars in your application? Ever did any hot deployment on a running Application Server and wondered how the new changes get reflected without a server restart? Ever got confused with the process of Class Loading in JVM? If you didn't face any of these, then you are extremely lucky or you are yet to start development :)...
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Java Virtual Machine Startup

In the last post we had a brief idea about the memory model of the Java Virtual Machine. We also came across certain terms like the Creation, Linking, Loading and Initialization of classes. In this post we will try to improve our understanding of all these terms. At the Java Virtual Machine Startup The JVM starts up by creating an initial class and loads it using the bootstrap class loader (we will learn about the class loader in another post). Some implementation of the JVM allow us to pass the name of the initial class using the command line. The JVM then links this initial class. L...
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