graph theory

Graph Operations

Introduction This is the third article in the Graph Theory - Online Classes. With some basic concepts we learnt in the previous two articles listed here in Graph Theory, now we have enough tools to discuss some operations on any graph. In this article we will try to define some basic operations on the Graph. Graph Operations - Extracting sub graphs In this section we will discuss about various types of sub graphs we can extract from a given Graph. Sub graph Getting a sub graph out of a graph is an interesting operation. A sub graph of a graph G(V,E) can be obtained by the following...
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Special Graphs

Introduction This is the second article in the Graph Theory - Online Classes. Dear readers, I assume that you have already finished reading the first post, if not I would advise you to please go through the first article in the series Introduction to Graph Theory, as this post will require some basic knowledge which we discussed in the previous post. Few Special Graphs The Null Graph The first graph we will discuss is the Null Graph. By definition, this graph has a V(G) which is non-empty and a E(G) which is empty. In simple words a graph which only has vertices and no edges is a Null...
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Graph Theory

Preface This is the first article in the Graph Theory - Online Classes. To all my readers and friends, you can safely skip the first two paragraphs. The motivation to write this series Its been long I have been planning to write this article and now I think is the right time to start a new category & series of articles in the Graph Theory. As a student it was always the most complicated topic for me and I was scared with the topic. I am sure many of you must have faced the same. Of course everyone has their own reason, for me it was the order in which it was taught and definitely it w...
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