graph theory applications

Fastest Reach in Snakes and Ladders

Introduction For those who are not familiar with the snakes and ladders game. Here is a link for introduction. So the fastest reach in snakes and ladders, is a modified version of the game. So, you are playing the game called snakes and ladders and you have an enchanted dice. You are the master of the dice and you can command it to get any number between 1 and 6 both inclusive. This means that when you throw the dice, the number on the upper face is totally controlled by you. If you ask for a 5, you get a 5 and so on. Problem Statement - Fastest Reach in Snakes and Ladders The problem in ha...
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Graph Theory Applications – The Instant Insanity Puzzle

[nextpage title="Applications of Graph Theory"] Graph Theory is used in modelling and solving a lot of real world problems, games and puzzles. Here we discuss a very famous puzzle " The Instant Insanity " problem. The goal of this post is to demonstrate that such complicated problem statements can be so easily modeled and solved using Graph Theory. Also I would like to build some more  interest into Graph Theory. If you want to feel more comfortable with the basics of Graph Theory, here is a list of primers you might like to read once. Problem Definition - The Instant Insanity Puzzle The...
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