Datastructures and Algorithms

Graph Theory

Preface This is the first article in the Graph Theory - Online Classes. To all my readers and friends, you can safely skip the first two paragraphs. The motivation to write this series Its been long I have been planning to write this article and now I think is the right time to start a new category & series of articles in the Graph Theory. As a student it was always the most complicated topic for me and I was scared with the topic. I am sure many of you must have faced the same. Of course everyone has their own reason, for me it was the order in which it was taught and definitely it w...
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Spiral Traversal

Spiral Traversal or Zigzag Traversal in a Tree. This is the fourth article in the Tree Traversals - Online Classes. Recently I wrote an article on Level Order Tree Traversal. Another problem on the same lines is to traverse the tree in a zigzag manner. That is also termed as spiral traversal. This question has been asked in many companies during the interview process. Although it is not very specific problem, if you understand the idea behind traversing a tree in breadth first manner, then you can easily solve this. Please read further for more understanding. Defining the problem L...
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