Single Source Shortest Path For Undirected Graph

Introduction Single source shortest path for undirected graph is basically the breadth first traversal of the graph. Here the graph we consider is unweighted and hence the shortest path would be the number of edges it takes to go from source to destination. You can find posts on the same topic for weighted graphs, and that is solved using Dijkstra's or Bellman Ford algorithms. This post is written from the competitive programming perspective. Here I want to focus on the details of simplified implementations. Problem Statement - Shortest Path for Undirected Graph Most of the times, the probl...
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Breadth First Traversal

Introduction This is the first article in the Graph Traversals – Online Classes. Dear Readers, these set of posts under Graph Traversals will make more sense if you have read the Graph Theory. Here is a quick brush up for the same. However, if you are familiar with Graph Theory and have a basic knowledge of what graphs are and how they are stored, you can dive into the traversals. Later in the series we will discover that the Graph Traversals are widely used in various application. Let me point out a couple of real world examples here: How can we conduct matches between teams in a C...
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