annotation based spring configuration

XML Free Spring Hibernate Configuration

Introduction After a lot of digging on the web I couldn't find any complete tutorial or example for an XML free Spring Hibernate Configuration tutorial to integrate Spring 3.X with Hibernate 4.X. So here I present a fully working simple tutorial for those who want to get rid of the XML configurations for Hibernate and Spring integration. Here is a link to my latest post, which develops a spring application from scratch, using annotation based spring, and hibernate. Purpose of the Article This article is to explain in the easiest possible manner the ways to integrate Hibernate 4.x with Sp...
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Annotation Based Spring MVC

Introduction - Annotation based spring MVC With increased support for annotations in Spring framework, it has evolved more beautifully. Spring exploits annotations to the best of its use. Eliminating the use of xml based configuration, which I was waiting for a long time. Imagine a scenario where you really do not need to load xml based configuration files to host a spring web application. Here we try to write a simple Annotation Based Spring MVC REST Web-service. This article describes briefly how to use annotation based configuration in Spring. Web Application Development from Scratch ...
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Basics of Spring Integration

Introduction to Basics of Spring Integration With growing business needs and the number of components interacting to each other in a wide business setup, there arises a need for integrating the systems effectively. A traditional approach of integrating various systems is to connect each system with the remaining systems. This precisely means that if we have N systems to integrate, there would be N-1 connections from each system. Here we try to achieve this using Spring Integration. Assumptions made while writing this blog: You have a basic understanding of Spring framework and dependency...
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