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Seed in Random Number Generation

Random Numbers Randomization is an awesome concept. Efficiency of most of the algorithms are proportional to how randomly the algorithm is implemented. Talking about one the best sort algorithms - Quick Sort. The efficiency depends on the choice of pivot and it is wise to choose a pivot randomly to get an even distribution of elements around it. Of course no one can beat my bad luck if my randomly chosen pivot misbehaves. But still you will be luckier and have a better running time and upper bound on the running time of this algorithm. This is not the only algorithm where randomization ...
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Resource Management in Game

Introduction This post is the next in the game development series. In this post we will learn about Resource Management in the Game. After writing the game engine, now we can add some background to our game. We will try to add our menu as well and try to add navigation in the menu. Once that is done we will be able to move through the menu and choose various options. Without wasting much time, lets dive in. Objects in the Game There are many different type of entities in our game. They can be categorized into Screens and Actors and few more. You have absolute freedom to make it more gran...
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Writing a Game Engine

Introduction This is the second post in the series and I suggest you to read the Basics of Game Development first. There are two important things in this game. Drawing the Game Canvas Writing a Game Engine (The Game FSM - Finite State Machine) In this post we will discuss about both. The Game Canvas The Game Canvas is a rectangular area on which we will draw all our game objects. It will have a predefined size (WIDTH and HEIGHT). The best way to make our game canvas is to extend the java.awt.Canvas class. [crayon-5c17da088c9a9492493617/] Now let us create a frame and add...
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Basics of Game Development

Introduction Everyone is fond of computer games and most of us wish to create games (professionally or even just for fun). Here, in this series of posts I will be explaining the Basics of Game Development, the approach and code from scratch for the first game I developed. About the Game If you want to try what we will develop, then you can click on the above image, download the game and play it to have a good understanding. You can download the .exe file and straight away launch it to run. This is a simple arcade game where you are facing an Alien Invasion and you are given a figh...
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Interface Declarations in Java

Introduction The previous post introduced Class Declarations in Java and it is the obvious next step to understand the Interface Declarations in Java after that. So, here is an insight to Interfaces in Java. Interfaces are considered as the way to achieve multiple inheritance in Java. We will certainly talk about that part in the coming sections. This post will introduce you to Interfaces and will also mention about the Annotations, which are different categories of interfaces and an important feature of the language. Multiple Inheritance Multiple Inheritance is a language construct w...
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