Object Oriented Programming – Inheritance in detail

Introduction This article is in relation to the interview questions asked to the java candidates in particular. I have been interviewing candidates and I find them very confused between the features of OOP. Most of the time people are not very clear about Inheritance. We will discuss this in detail. To read more about my articles on java and it's concepts, please visit Java Articles. Purpose of the article This article is for the novice and the experts as well, I always believe that the concepts are something which has to be read and brushed up again, here we will discuss Inheritance in d...
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Using Abstract Classes And Interfaces

Introduction This article is going to be a short one with some details about the interfaces and abstract classes in java. There have been a lot of confusion about using them interchangeably, but as I always say, encapsulation is a strong feature of java and one of the most important rule in java is that every thing has its own purpose. Hence, if two distinct features (abstract class and interface) exists in the language, then they must have different reasons as well. Purpose of the Article The article describes in detail using Abstract Classes And Interfaces, what is the difference between ...
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