Arrays are permutation of each other

Problem Definition – Arrays are permutation of each other The problem definition goes as follows: Given two arrays of equal length, find out if the elements of one array is the permutation of the elements of another array. Of course the constraint is to solve it in constant space and linear time. Which means that the running time should be O(N) and auxiliary space required should be O(1). Approach There may be several thoughts which seem to work but eventually they will fail at one or the other ways. Here are few interesting ways which may not work for all the conditions: XORing the ...
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Dutch Flag Problem

Problem Definition - Dutch Flag Problem The dutch flag looks like the below image. The problem "Dutch Flag Problem" derives its name from the arrangement of colors in the flag. The actual problem definition goes like this: Given an array of balls of three colors ( Red, White and Blue). The balls are kept in random positions in the array. We need to develop a mechanism which can arrange the balls in groups (based on colors). Below is the image of a possible input and the expected output. The balls of different colors in the above image are randomly distributed in the input where...
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Shift Zeroes To Right

Problem Definition - Shift Zeroes To Right We are trying to solve a problem at hand in which we are given an array of zeroes and positive integers. We need to Shift Zeroes To Right and positive integers to the left without disturbing the relative order of the positive integers. Approach I try to solve the problem in a simple way, you may find a similar problem on the web, here is a approach which solves this problem in O(N) time using constant auxiliary space (may be one or two extra variables). The first thing which comes in mind can be traversing the array and swapping zeroes with the ...
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