Advanced Data Structures

Splitting and Merging B Tree Nodes

This post is to be read in conjunction with another post Introduction to B Trees. Here we learn that in certain operations the B Tree properties might get disturbed and it will need a fix. Splitting and Merging B Tree Nodes are the only operations which can re-establish the properties of the B Tree. How does a B Tree get unbalanced? The tree is not just to read and search data. There are operations which update the tree either by deleting a key, inserting a new key or just updating the values stored against the key. The Insert and Delete operations tend to modify the structure of the tree...
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Introduction to B Trees

This post is just an introduction to B Trees and here we will discuss one of the complicated data structures, B Trees. I would advice the reader to get familiar with the Tree data structures, and Balanced Trees. For e.g. : Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, Red Black Trees and 2-3-4 Trees. If you are not familiar with any/few of the above mentioned data structures, then please do not worry, I will try to explain everything here from scratch and hopefully you might not need any external support. But in case you are trying to learn the above topics, please look into the Additional Read section a...
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