Best Coding Practices

<p>This category contains posts related to the best coding practices one should follow while programming</p>

Code Comment

Introduction Code Comment is the second pillar to a readable and maintainable code (first being good naming conventions). Mostly people do not pay much attention to comments when they start coding and later it grows big enough to force them to not pay attention and fix it. They may end up investing more time in putting up the right comments at right places. There may be reasons to not use comments but believe me there are always more reasons to comment your code properly. Any time is a right time to add comments and adding comment is must be a continuous process. Even if you add a line of ...
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Naming Conventions

Introduction This is a new series of articles which dictates the best industry practices being used today while coding. The language of reference would be Java but I am sure the concepts will work across languages. There might be few in the list which you need not worry in case you are programming in more advanced languages. The idea is to discuss one best practice a day and give supporting examples and references. I trust that it can help each and every one of us. Before we embark on this long journey, I would like everyone of us to understand what exactly a "best practice" is and how ...
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