Java Beginners

Explain the Significance of Synchronized Keyword

Here is another favorite interview question for Java Interviews - Explain the significance of synchronized keyword. The wordings of the question may vary but the essence remain same. Before understanding synchronized keyword we must understand few things about Java's multi threading. Defining a Thread A thread is an Operating System concept. A process under execution is called a thread or we can also say that a thread is a light weight process. Now the Operating System may manage the processor in such a way that it appears that a processor can in parallel accomplish multiple tasks. Hen...
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Explain Exception Handling in Java

This is one of the hottest Java Interview Questions for entry level and mid level software developers in Java. The question is mostly asked as "Explain Exception Handling in Java" but the wordings may change. Defining an Exception An exception indicates a problem that a reasonable application may wish to recover from. On a more formal note, "When a program violates the semantic constraints of the Java Programming Language, the JVM signals error to the program as an Exception. Many programming languages abruptly terminates programs in such scenarios but Java has a cleaner way of handling t...
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What are the advantages of Java Programming Language?

The most basic question asked to a beginner in a Java Interview is "What are the advantages of Java Programming Language?". Here is a detailed answer to this question. Java is a relatively high level language. It provides lot of features out of the box, which makes it easy to learn for today’s developers and focus on the real business implementation rather than worrying about the system level infrastructure management. Few of the advantages of Java Programming Language are: Platform Independence : Java is platform independent, which means that if a program is written and compiled in Ja...
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