<p>All problems related to string search, anagrams, string manipulation are covered under this category.</p>

Dynamic Programming – Longest Palindromic Sequence

Palindromes are fascinating character sequences in a string. A palindrome is a string which reads the same when read from either of the ends. This post in particular talks about palindromic sub sequences. To know more about a sub sequence, please check my post on Longest Common Sub sequence. A palindromic sequence means a sequence of characters which is a palindrome. Now, we must understand it clearly that we are talking about a sub sequence and not a substring. Understanding the Longest Palindromic Subsequence problem better It is really easy to say if a string is a palindrome. We s...
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Interleaving Strings

Problem Statement This is a question from one of the interview experiences. The statement, "Given three strings A, B and C find if C is an interleaving of A and B." Interleaving is defined as below: A string C is said to be an interleaving of two strings A and B if C contains a sub sequence of A and B such that the relative order of characters in A and in B are preserved in C. For e.g. : A - ABCD B - BACDX C - ABACDXBCD The Idea - Interleaving Strings Here I am not giving any solution which is less than O(M*N) solution where M is the length of the shortest string among A and B...
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Make anagrams from two Strings

Problem Statement Given two strings, find the total number of characters we need to delete from these strings to make them anagrams of each other. Understanding Anagrams Anagrams are defined with respect to a given string of characters (not necessarily characters in the English Alphabet) but a wider set of characters may be. Given two strings A and B, if the number of time each character occurs in both the string is exactly same, we say A and B are anagrams. However, the order in which the character appears may be different and doesn't matter. For example A = axbbxxcecdeedda B = abacb...
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