Removing Duplicates from Sorted Linked List

Problem Statement You are given a singly sorted linked list, which has repeated elements. The task at hand is to...


TechieMe New Android App

Hello there! I have recreated a completely new and better android app for this blog. Have a glimpse of the new...


Find the Point of Rotation in Sorted Array

Problem Statement You are given a sorted array. However, there is a problem. Someone just rotated the sorted array by...


Find the maximum possible profit

Problem Statement Given an array of stock prices per share for a given share over a time period. Calculate the maximum...


Introduction to Functional Interface – Java8

What is Functional Interface? A functional interface is any interface which contains only one abstract method. A functional interface can have one...


Understanding Binary Search Algorithm

Introduction The problem of searching is very trivial. It goes like this: There is an array of elements A[1..N] and we need...


Introduction to Lambda Expressions – Java8

What are Lambda Expressions? Lambda expressions are another way of writing inline unnamed code block which performs a simple function....


Finding Missing Number in an Increasing Sequence

Problem Statement You are given an array which contains an increasing sequence of numbers from 1 to N. There is one...


Data Structure for Efficient Search

Problem Statement Given one million 10 digit unique integers, design an efficient data structure which has lowest time complexity for searches. You...


Explaining the ThreadLocal

Introduction to ThreadLocal Java supports multi threading and provides many high level APIs to avoid running into the issues associated with...


Splitting and Merging B Tree Nodes

This post is to be read in conjunction with another post Introduction to B Trees. Here we learn that in certain...


Finding K nearest distances

Problem Statement You are given millions of two dimensional point and a utility method to calculate their distances from the...


Find maximum element in array of alternate sequences

Problem Statement Given an array of elements which is first increasing and then decreasing, find maximum element in array of alternate...


Explain the Significance of Synchronized Keyword

Here is another favorite interview question for Java Interviews – Explain the significance of synchronized keyword. The wordings of the question...


Explain Exception Handling in Java

This is one of the hottest Java Interview Questions for entry level and mid level software developers in Java. The...

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